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Hair Sampoo : 
100% Natural
200 ML
No Side Effects
Brand : AYUVYA

Gives Healthier, Dandruff Free shiny Hair & Stop Hair Fall Naturally ( Promotes Hair Growth )

Composition :
Kuwarpatha Ext. (aloe Barbadensis) :  2% 
Amla Ext. (emblica Officinale)            : 1% 
Reetha Ext. (sapindus Trifoliatus)      : 2% 
Bhringraj Ext. (eclipta Alba)               :1% 
Shikakai Ext. (acacia Concinna)        : 2% 
Gel Base : QS 
Colour : Tartrazine Yellow. 
Preservatives: - Phenoxyethanol       : 0.5

How To Use

         Rinse Your Hair With Water And Use The Shikakai Solution in Place Of Your Regular Shampoo. You Might Have You Wash your hair twice with the shampoo for it to Lather. (Unlike store-bought Shampoos, this will not lather Much.) when A Slight lather Appears, it means Your Hair is Clean and can be Rinsed

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