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STAYEZ SANITARY NAPKIN : 10 counts in Pack  
Size : 280 MM
Brand : AYUVYA
Main Materials : 
Active Oxygen and Negative ion padding, Non- Woven Fabric, Air-laid Paper,
SAP Macromolecule Absorbent,
PE Impermeable and Breathable Bottom Film.

TIPS : Please Keep it in dry and Cool place, away from high temperature, Humidity and foreign matter.

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Features of Product

Feature 1

Fast absorbent

Feature 2

Active Oxygen & ion padding.

Feature 3

Air-Laid Paper.

Feature 4

Macromolecile absorbent layer.

Feature 5

Professionally designed flow guiding layer.

Feature 6

Impermeable and breathable bottom film.

Feature 7

Release Paper.

Feature 8

Non-Woven Fabric.

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