About Faqs

1 : Who is an IBP ? Is it Compulsory to do IIN Business If I Purchase Any of The IIN PACKAGE ?

ANSWER: IBP is an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNER one who has purchased IIN EDU PACK, IIN DIGI PACK OR IIN GOLD PACK , by paying the amount of the package And is willing to promote IIN business opportunity with his own wish. It is not compulsory to do IIN business if you have purchased any of the package as IIN business opportunity is “OPTIONAL”.

2 : What is the eligibility to get IIN commissions/payments?

ANSWER: IBP has to complete the conditions below- IBP has to send his photocopy of PANCARD to the company. He must sponsor any two people with his IIN user-id with the IIN EDU PACK, IIN DIGI PACK OR IIN GOLD PACK. Purchaser of IIN package has to send his IIN invoice with his own signature and the signature of IBP(selling associate) to the company.

3 : I have registered myself With IIN free educational package,can I sell IIN packages?

ANSWER: No.You must purchase IIN EDU PACK, IIN DIGI PACK OR IIN GOLD PACK to sell IIN packages.

4 : How much time does it take to get my earned commissions?

ANSWER: Maximum 7 days after the calculation of cheque. if you have not received Your cheque/NEFT Please Contact Admin Office.(Your NEFT details/address should reach the office).

5 : What is the cost of Business centre or business opportunity from IIN?

ANSWER: Business Plan is “FREE and Optional” for those who purchase any of the PRODUCT variants offered as per IIN Program. There is no cost/investment to start your business.

6 : Who is IBP?

ANSWER: All the PURCHASERS of IIN PACKAGES Program who wish to participate in our optional Business Plan are termed as INDEPENDENT BUSINESS PARTNERS.

7 : HOW is the tax deducted?

ANSWER: As required by the government all commissions would be paid out after deduction of TDS.IBP is required to submit his/her PAN No. with the company .Company will issue Tax Deduction Form as per IT act. 10% of the incentive earned will be deducted as TDS.

8 : Can I change my username of IIN?

ANSWER: Any kind of modification in Username is not possible once the online registration process is over.

9 : What is the validity of promotional offer?

ANSWER: The Promotional Offer is valid for limited period only .Company reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any aspects of the benefits in Promotional Offer at any time at its sole discretion.

10 : What happen if I could not attend Conventions / Seminars / Workshops organized by IIN due to some unavoidable circumstances?

ANSWER: If you want to participate in our Business / Mission, it is mandatory requirement to attend two Conventions / Seminars / Workshops organized by IIN in a quarter, failing to which you will be denied the benefit of all your organizational sales, will not be given. But in case you could not attend due to some unavoidable circumstances, you need to write a letter to the company with the documentary proof for justifying your circumstances. On the basis of the documents produced by you, company would reply after sole discretion.

11 : How can I get my lost password ?

ANSWER: Incase you lost your password, you will have to inform this to admin through mail at [email protected] We will forward your resolved query to your registered email id.

12 : Can an IIN BUSINESS OWNER (IBO) share information of any other Program / Business or sign up other IBO in any other similar Program / Business?

ANSWER: No, this is absolutely not permitted. If any complaint is received that any IBO is sharing information with other IBO of any other Program / Business, then all the ongoing commissions from the company, will be denied to him/her with immediate effect without any notice.

13 : What is the procedure for the Transfer of Name of IIN account ?

ANSWER: Post your request and company will investigate your request, send the Name transfer form and other details via email. Existing Associates of IIN , will not be transferred if he/she has earned any commission or not renewed that position after 365 days.

14 : How can I get the Username and password of a transferred Product?

ANSWER: After a transfer takes place we will mail all the details of the account at the address you have mentioned.

15 : Can we sell our product to countries outside India?

ANSWER: No, you can sell products to Associates initial work in India. IBO who want to promote IIN Business / IIN mission outside India must follow their Country / Province / State Law / Rules.

16 : I have not submitted the photocopy of my PAN card To IIN. Would I be eligible to receive my commission cheques/TDS certificate?

ANSWER: If you have not submitted a photocopy of your PAN card, then please send it as soon as possible. We will not issue any commission cheque / TDS certificate in absence of proof of your PAN card.

17 : Why one of my down lines name is shown in black?

ANSWER: If any of the names is shown in black, it means the Purchased Product has been disabled or suspended.

18 : I have sold IIN EDU PACK, IIN DIGI PACK OR IIN GOLD PACK to many people in my organization; still I have not received any cheque. Why?

ANSWER: You start receiving commission only when you fulfill the criteria fixed for commission earning. In order to receive your first commission incentive, you must have three sales in your sale organization in 1:2 or 2:1 ratio in both legs and out of these three sales two sales must be directly sponsored by you.

19 : Who is a Free Student?

ANSWER: A Free student is one who can get oneself registered as an Student without paying any Cost.We will provide courses available in Free IIN Educational Package to all our Free Students.

20 : Who is a Paid IBO/Student?

ANSWER: A Paid IBO/student is one who has Purchased IIN EDU PACK, IIN DIGI PACK OR IIN GOLD PACK of Rs. 2900 /5500/7500 (Inclusive of all taxes). Paid IBO/student is provided access to our courses, genealogy and all our services throughout the Purchased Period. Paid IBO/Student can also earn through Retail and Binary Compensation Plans, if they wish to promote our Business / Mission, by way of working very hard.

21 : Can I join any other Marketing company dealing with same/different product ?

ANSWER: No, you cannot join any other Marketing company selling same/different product or any other business of similar nature. If we receive any complaint against you that you have joined any other Marketing company or business of similar nature then you would lose your right to get any further commissions from IIN. However, you may continue to enjoy online learning through product purchased by you for the entire purchased period.

22 : I am earning commissions from IIN, can I join other Company / Business directly or indirectly of similar nature?

ANSWER: If you are earning commissions from IIN you cannot join other Company/ Business of similar nature otherwise you would lose your right to get any further commissions from IIN. However, you would continue to enjoy online learning through product purchased for the entire purchased period.

23 : I have purchased IIN DIGI, Can I purchase another IIN EDU Package / IIN GOLD Package on the name of my spouse or relative?

ANSWER: Yes you may do so. But for this can purchase a new package/ ID, but you cannot upgrade or degrade the same package.

24 : . What will happen if any IBO is found to involve in anti-company activities?keyboard_arrow_down

ANSWER: This is very serious, if any IBO is found not following our LEGALS (Terms and Conditions) / FAQs or found to indulge in any anti-company activity in any manner or found disturbing the private or public business meeting or free teaching seminar organized by IBO or by the company, all the ongoing commissions from the company, will be denied to him / her with immediate effect and without any notice. However, he / she may continue to enjoy online learning of Purchased Product for the entire purchase.

25 : I am sending / posting lots of queries to the company but not getting any response?

ANSWER: It has been observed that many IBOs are sending irrelevant queries and asking irrelevant question unnecessarily on continuous basis. We have given all the required information about the Company and all other details on our website. So it is advised to all the IBOs to visit our website in order to know their concerns or ask their introducing IBOs or active up lines. Please note no irrelevant queries would be replied by the company. Please do not ask about anything which is not given on our website.

26 : My password and other details are disclosed during online registration/or any other way for the purchase of any of the IIN Package, what should I do now?

ANSWER: It is your duty to change all the confidential information like password etc. immediately, after taking all the information from your Selling Associate. We will not be responsible for any mishappening in this regard.

27 : In order to advertise IIN Business / Mission through the print media do I need to seek any permission from the company?

ANSWER: Before advertising you must send us the advertisement material for approval. Severe action would be taken if we observe any bad advertisement (which violates any of the law of the land or public policies) without permission of the company.

28 : Is it mandatory to follow Legals of IIN?keyboard_arrow_down

ANSWER: This is mandatory to follow our LEGALS(TERMS AND CONDITIONS), FAQs and other information given on our website. Any anti-company activities or non performance of any activity /activities as required by IIN by any IIN Associates would amount to suspension / cancellation of ongoing commissions. Decision of the company in this regard would be final.

29 : How much time does it take to get my earned commission cheque/Transfer?

ANSWER: The commission cheque to the qualifying Associates will be reached by courier or speed post within 7 days from the day commission is calculated. NEFT will be transferred directly to your Bank account provided by you On Thursday to Saturday, immediate after the Tuesday(When the cheque is calculated). If the payment not reached at your Address / Bank Account within the specified period, you are requested to contact IIN admin office with details of the earned commission.

30 : I am organizing several weekly Business / Product meetings for my Associates and their Guest for promotion of IIN Business / Mission. Do I need to inform about these meetings to the company?

ANSWER: YES.All Bronze Associates and above must send the details to the company.

31 : I am a Free student. Can I convert myself to Paid student/IBO ?

ANSWER: YES.You may contact your introducing person/any IBO/company to register yourself as an IBO/paid student.

32 : I have registered and made the payment towards the purchase of the product but still have not received offline product. When will I receive the product?

ANSWER: It will delivered after 15 days from the day we receive the payment towards the purchase of IIN products

33 : What if I will not submit my KYC with Fully filled Joining Form to Head office?

In such case your id will be deactivated within 15 days from the registration. After deactivation you will have to send a requisition to activate your ID. Similarly your joining kit will not be dispatched until we receive your KYC attached with the joining form.

34 : What happens if I refer more than two (2) person? Where are they placed in my organization?

Only two are placed on your frontline, one right & one left. If any student comes, you place them on your left side or right side, depending on where you need them. They will be placed on the far outside leg (right or left) in the first available position. This type of placement creates Teamwork.

35 : Do you provide promotional material?

Yes, we do provide promotional material in the form of banners, T-shirts, brochures, presentation book, registration forms, stickers and many more items that come up from time to time, for facilitating our program.

36 : Are there any additional benefits?

Yes, you get a Performance income of 1% when you reach 250 CYCLES (ELITE Club) and royalty income of 1% when you reach 500 CYCLES (EXECUTIVE Club).

37 : What is the number of video tutorials available on your website?

Till now we have uploaded 1,250 Video Tutorials in three different languages (Hindi, English & Gujarati). Still many more to come in future.

38 : What is E-book?

E-book is a base from where you can read/prepare notes at your convenience. This facility comes with a language converter that enables you to convert all courses into desired languages.

39 : What are the benefits of E-learning?

Some of the benefits of E-learning are-

  • You can study whenever you feel like at the convenience of your home.
  • You can learn at you own pace.
  • You can learn more with less cost.
  • You can learn irrespective of age or profile.
  • And with our "Go Rich With E-World" program, you can also earn money while you update your skills.

    41 : What if I want to encash my Reward/ Will it be possible to encash my Rewards.

    Yes, you could exchange your Rewards won with cash Incentive, But in this case company will deduct 10% TDS & 5% Admin charge. This incentive will be transferred on the end of the month you achieved the respected reward.

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