Grievance Management

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IIN Boasts of NO Grievance Record. However should you feel to bring up any matter to the notice of the company, this section is for you. Our Grievance Cell caters to the grievances of the customers and those of the associates. If you feel you have been misinformed, misrepresented, by anyone you are requested to file a written complaint in English or Hindi, giving categorically date, time and place, and the nature of the grievance, to enable us to take necessary actions, as per the agreements in force.

Our board members sit once in 2 weeks, and take up all relevant matters, and record the proceedings.

Process to File your complaint / Grievance.

(1) Submit your query/ Complaint /Grievance Online.
(2) You could directly call our board members
(3) You could download the format and post the written format in Hindi or English language.
(4) You could mail us on our email ID
(5) Walkin to our Headoffice.



Board Members Of Grievance Cell.

Mr. Hardeep Saini.

(Managing Director, Operations) +91 97128 61713

Mr. Anil Makwana

(Managing Director, Trainings) +91 98245 08451

Mr. Avtar Singh Tattla

(Managing Director / Special Officer Assigned) +91 92275 21513

The board members of the Grievance Cell have no personal liability and have been assigned to assist aggrieved partners of the company’s direct selling operations alone. They represents the company and all decisions arrived at are on the behalf of the company and not their individual capacity.
If you are a customer of another division of the company, you are requested to contact its respective grievance redressal mechanism.
You may also reach out to customer care and report your matter.


You could download the format and post the written format in Hindi or English language.

Performa of Form



You could mail us on our email ID


    • Customer / Distributor can make Grievances in either of the mentioned modes – Calls / Written Application / Email / Walk-in / Online Grievance Cell, etc.
    • Grievances received will be feeded into the internal Grievance software. A unique track Id will be generated against the all the Grievances and is intimated to the customer / distributor on his / her registered Email Id and Mobile Number.
    • Customers / distributors need to keep the unique track Id secure with them in order to take follow-up against the Grievance.
    • At first instance Grievance is handled by the executive of the customer care team. The executive has a period of 7 working days to resolve the issue. In case executive is unable to handle the problem / grievance up to full satisfaction, the software escalates the issue to the next level of Grievance redressal committee.
    • The committee will meet on a 15 day period (On 15th and 30th Calendar day of every month). All pending grievances will be disposed off by the committee in these meetings. If the grievance is not resolved within these 15 days, the grievance will be forwarded to next 15 day period and same will be intimated to the customer / distributor.
    • If the Grievance Committee is not able to resolve the issue in this time frame, the grievance is escalated to the Nodal Officer.
    "Nodal Officer will resolve the issue within 15 days of the receiving of the mail." 

    Details of Nodal Officer are mentioned below:
    Name: Upendra Patel
    Designation: Director
    Mobile Number: +91. 9737369777
    Email ID:

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