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ल्यूकोरिया, मासिक धर्म अनियमितता, पेट दर्द हॉट फ्लेश और कई स्त्री रोग सबंधी समस्याओ के इलाज में सहायक है |

Leuco Sense : Leucorrhoea Care
100% Natural
60 Capsules
No Side Effects
Brand : AYUVYA

Indication : 
Unique blend of precious herbs improves life force energy. Strengthens mind,
Body and vital organs very effective in leucorrhoea, menopause and related problems like Menstrual irregularity, Abdominal pain, Infertility, Body pain, Headache, Hot Flushes, Anxiety and Weakness.

An Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine 
Each HPMC capsule Contains : 

Tecomella Undulata (Bark) BH.P      : 72 Mg 
Putranjiva Roxburghii (Seed) BH.P  : 81 Mg 
Ficus Rscemosa (Bark) BH.P           : 72 Mg 
Symplocos Racemosa (Bark) BH.P  : 72 Mg 
Aquilaria Agalocha (Wood) BH.P     : 63 Mg 

Approved Colour Use in Capsule Shell 

• Two capsules daily with milk or water.
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Keep away from direct sunlight.
• Do not refrigerate.
Expiry : 3 Years from the date of mfg.
Mfg. lic. No. : GA/1828

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Treatment for leucoeehoea & white discharge.

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